These instructions apply if you have chosen to take advantage of our secure off-site backup facility which allows you, if you so choose, to store a backup of your important P11D data in our secure data centre. This is the same facility we use to run our SaaS version of the P11D Organiser, so security is guaranteed.

Backing Up Data

Click on the Admin menu and select Backup P11D data to ZIP


On the next screen you will see a button at the bottom of the screen to Backup data to will now, simply click that button and the process will start:


You will see a message similar to the one below when the process is complete:


Your data is now securely stored in our datacentre.


Restoring Data

Should you need to restore information, these instructions will guide you through the process. You will need a working installation of the P11D Organiser, that is activated and with a user logged in - it is not important if it is a clean installation, as we will be restoring the data.

Click on the Admin menu and select Restore P11D data from ZIP.

From the next window, select Restore data from

You will then need to select the backup which you want to restore - this is most likely to be the top of the list:

The software will download the backups, and then ask you for a password to perform the restore - this is the password you use to log into the P11D Organiser.

The system will now go through the process of restoring the data, and when complete, you will back at the login screen.