Any benefits in the system that do not have an end date or have an end date after the end of the tax year can be "merged" into the new year. The following support article details what sections can be merged, and what happens in each case: Merging Benefits

This means that the system will take those benefits and apply them to the assigned employees in the new year. In general, the recommendation is that any benefit that 'rolls past' the tax year end (such as cars, vans, loans) are ALWAYS merged through to the new tax year. You would only merge benefits such as medical if you have entered data that runs over the tax year end.

Merging benefits from previous tax year

To manually start the process of merging benefits from the previous year locate the 'Tools' menu at the top of the Organiser, then hover over 'Year End' and click on '1 Merge benefits from'.

  1. If you want to merge benefits for specific companies, select an Employer from the drop-down list of employers otherwise check the box in the bottom left to Merge benefits for all employers in your system.
  2. Select the first type of benefit that you want to merge. (e.g. Cars and car fuel)
  3. Click "Merge"Note: By default, the system will check the box to "Check date of leaving DOL" - this will mean that the benefits of any employee that has a date of leaving set in their employee record for the previous tax year will NOT be merged forward into the "new" Tax year.

  4. Click "Yes" to the confirmation pop-up message
  5. The system will then display the updated list of benefit types for you to select and merge the next type. Repeat this merge process for each benefit type if required.
    Note: Some users prefer to merge only company cars to facilitate P46 (car) reporting in the new Tax year and as such can elect to click FINISH at this stage to exit the merge process.

If you do wish to merge the remaining benefit types, then select the benefit type and click Merge.

The system should now display all the benefit sections that have been merged through in the Benefits toolbar.

Merging benefits from the previous tax year for a single employee only

Beyond the general merge option which runs at employer level, the software can also roll forward/merge benefits at employee level. This is particularly useful where the global employer merge routine has already been completed and there have been subsequent changes in the previous tax year to individual employee/benefit records.

Example; benefits have already been merged forward globally but employee had a replacement car provided and the record was added after the year end & merge has been carried out.

The current "merged" car record already existing in the system as shown below:

A replacement car record was subsequently added in the previous tax year as below:

  1. From the tax year you wish to bring benefits into, select the merge tool from the system toolbar
  2. A screen will pop-up asking you to select which benefit you want to merge for that employee. Click "Merge" when you selected the correct benefit.
    3. Confirm "Yes" to the resulting pop-up to again merge the benefit recordThe individual merge routine is now complete in this example, the system has replaced the vehicle record from the previous car record (BMW M4 Competition) with the revised amended/corrected car (Company Car 2)