Administration - Email Configuration

System settings and configuration provides a way of applying specific system settings to cater for the P11D Organiser being allowed to access the internet (for access to the Government Gateway & Licencing Server) and configure the way the software sends employee emails etc.

Accessed via the system menu bar in the top left hand side of the system, selecting Admin, you see 2 distinct configuration options.. 

Email Configuration

Please note: SaaS/Hosted Customers will not be able to change their email settings

Allows for the configuration & settings of:-

Email System

Select from available options; Microsoft Outlook, or Internet mail SMTP, 


Select from available options; Normal, Personal, Private or Confidential (Outlook)


Select Select from available options; High, Normal, Low (Outlook)

Email on behalf of

Outlook will automatically use the current mailbox settings of the user but if you want to send from another email address you can do that here.

You can send on behalf of a different email account or shared mailbox and you would put that email address in here. Please note that you must have permission from your email administrator in order to use this functionality.

Reply to

You can add a reply to email address here so any responses to your emails will go to that inbox.

Read receipt

Select to request an email read receipt (Outlook)


Delivery receipt

Select to request an email delivery receipt (Outlook)

Use HTML in body of email

Select to allow HTML formatted text in the body message of the email sent. 

This is useful if you copy/paste text from an existing word document that contains formatting such as bold, italic, colour, embedded HTML links Link to P11D Organiser etc.

Use automation

The more recent outlook clients require the latest communication method of "Automation" when the P11D Organiser attempts to send emails. Older outlook clients will, in the main, happily use the older communication method of MAPI. If you find the email connection failing to logon, this may be down to the use (or lack of use) of Automation.

Send Test Email

Functionality to send an email to check that the software is correctly set up and able to send emails out successfully. 

Rebuild Email Systems
Used to refresh the list of available email systems (Microsoft Outlook or Internet Mail SMTP)


Requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed, please see the article below for instructions.

Enabling .NET Framework 3.5

Allows for the configuration & settings of:-

Port No: Port number to be used for SMTP email server (e.g. 587)

SMTP Server: Server setting for SMTP mail (e.g.

User name: User name for the SMTP account used


Password: Password used with the SMTP account 

Email from: The email address the system uses whilst sending out emails to employees

Sender name: The sender name the system uses whilst sending out emails to employees.

Reply to: The reply to email address the system uses whilst sending out emails to employees

Use SSL: Toggle ON/OFF for Secure Sockets Layer (or TLS) settings as required by the SMTP service provider.

Send Test Email: To send an email out from the system to a chosen email address so as to test the SMTP email settings entered.

Please see these articles for more details on SMTP settings for Office 365 and Google GSuite.

Administration - System Configuration - Communication Settings (Comms)

Allows for the configuration & settings of:-

Connection type
Configuration for 4 selectable internet connection types, including proxy server settings 

Disable Auto Activation

Toggle to set on/off the web services functionality that checks for licence activation changes each time the system launches. 

Disable Auto Updates

Toggle to set on/off the functionality that checks for the latest version/build release each time the system launches. 


Enable Hotfixes

By default the system will check for major releases only e.g. Version 2020.2.1. Check hotfixes on if you wish to be notified of ALL updates (including minor build releases, patches, etc.)  e.g. Version 2020.2.1.002

Advanced Options

This is a support function only and should only be enabled on explicit instruction from your P11D system support team.

Test Connection to MyP11d

HTTPS connection test to PAS's website and webservice: to check that the system can successfully connect to the website to retrieve licence information and updates.

Test Connection to HMRC

HTTPS connection test to the HMRC Government Gateway secure website: to check that a connection can be made to the Government Gateway website so that end of year FBI and in-year P46 FBI submissions can be made sucesfully and are not being forbidden/firewalled etc.