When people leave the business, the following list of checkpoints needs to be completed by their manager and added to the respective personnel file.

Name of Leaver


Job Title of Leaver


Last Day


Form Authorised by







Return of Office Keys




Return of Car Park Pass/Fob




Return of laptop and any accessories




Revoke VPN connection and passwords




Notification to key customers/suppliers




Notification to health scheme supplier




Notification to Accountants (payroll etc)




Notification to Life Assurance scheme




Request issue of P45 from accountants




Return of mobile phone




Remove from PAS Active Directory




Deletion/tombstone GSuite/Office 365 account




Update internal documentation




Remove FreshDesk account




Remove FreshSales account




Update internal phone extensions/list




Change company social networking passwords




Log leaver in RBS Mentor system




Assessment of duty re-allocation




Remove from Test AD




Remove from Dev AD




Return of credit card




Reset any passwords to core systems




Remove remote connection system details (GTA etc)




Remove LastPass login




Exit Interview