In the 2018 version of the P11D Organiser, we have tried to better mimic the behaviour of the HMRC P11D Facsimile for the presentation of car data in an effort to reduce confusion.

The P11D Facsimile has always stated "Don't complete the 'From' box if the car was available on 5 April 20xx or the 'To' box if it continued to be available on 6 April 20xx" (see screenshot below).

We have now updated the software so the the car allocation overview displays car information in a similar way to the approved Facsimile (see below)...

Car allocation data continues to be available in full by opening the car details screen - this can be accomplished by double clicking any car entry in the list. This will open the 'Car and car fuel' screen which shows greater details. Please note that this screen displays the availability of the vehicle within the current tax year, so a vehicle allocated in a previous tax year would be displayed as the start of the tax year (06/04/20xx) - example below.