Software Live Update

The P11D Organiser is capable of checking that you are always on the latest release of the system based on the preferences you set in this area. To ensure you always have the latest version, legislative updates and bug fixes that PAS Ltd issue from time to time, we recommend allowing the software to warn you of any new versions.

The existence of any internal firewalls or other security settings or measures may prevent this feature from working correctly, you may want to check with your own IT team before using these options. 


To perform a live update 

Select from the system File Help>About P11D Organiser>Software Live Update option, you can also access this routine by pressing the F2 Function Key on your keyboard.

To check for any updates click the OK button, the software will display a pop-up dialogue box to confirm 

The software checks that you are on the very software build and if there are no newer versions available will display a pop-up message to confirm

To proceed with an update click YES to the pop-up confirmation dialogue box displayed

The software will then proceed with the upgrade process and begin to download the necessary update files.

A further confirmation "OK" dialogue box will then be displayed to continue

Live updates - Minor build number updates

To perform these minor build updates you will need to enable the live "hotfix" functionality, accessed using the settings icon

The system will display settings screen with a number of selectable options. 

Disable Auto Activation

Check to disable the software from attempting to send the software licence activation details to PAS Ltd's licencing servers.

Disable Auto Updates

Check to disable the software from attempting to communicate with PAS Ltd's update servers to check for the availability of new major release updates.(example from Version 2018.2.1 to 2019.2.1)


Enable Hotfixes

Select the check-box to enable the system to check for the availability of minor build number releases greater than the one you are currently running. (example Version 2019.2.1.003

Advanced options

Only use under the direction of the support team (Individual part or specific updates)