A SOAP error is likely down to the communication settings, which are not allowing your software to communicate from the product to the licensing server (www.myp11d.com). There could be two reasons for this, the communication is blocked completely, or maybe just the SSL certification server is blocked.

To confirm this, use a web browser (not Internet Explorer) to see if you can get a confirmation back from the web service running on the site at https://www.myp11d.com/myp11dwebservice/myp11dwebservice.asmx - if everything is working as it should be, you'll see the screen below:

If you DO NOT get that response, then this site is not allowed (or blocked) from your location and will need white-listing to fix the issue (Internet Explorer/Proxy/etc). To resolve this you may need to seek the help of your own IT Team. If you get an error about site security, this is down to the SSL certificate - please see this article: MyP11D.com marked as insecure or having invalid certificate.

The addresses that need to be while-listed for the P11D Organiser to function correctly are:

If you DO get that response, then we may need to look at Internet Explorer. The P11D Organiser usually follows Internet Explorer settings. You can check this by clicking on the Settings Cog based on whether you are updating the system or activating the system - shown below 

Updating System
Activating System

Image showing the system using IE connection settings.

First, click the Test Connection to HMRC. If this works (you would get the message shown below)

Then click the Test Connection to MyP11D.

Still No Connection

If this fails (you do not get a "successfully established" message) then open your Internet Options in the settings by searching for Internet Optiuons in the start menu.

Then select the Advanced Tab and scroll to the bottom of the list and check "Use TLS 1.2" is ENABLED.

If it is not enabled, check the box and apply the change. Then try the Test Connection to MyP11D in the P11D Organiser again. You should now have success establishing a connection.