Personal Audit Systems Ltd is dedicated to protecting the environment and assessing the impact of its services.

The Company commits to compliance with legislation as a baseline standard and strives to adhere to best practices, considering its business needs and aligning with ISO14001:2015 and stakeholder expectations.

The Company's policy objectives include:

  • Reducing the business's carbon footprint.
  • Lowering energy consumption.
  • Minimizing waste production, particularly paper, promoting reuse and recycling, and responsibly disposing of unavoidable waste.

Managers are tasked with communicating and enforcing this Policy, ensuring:

  • Employees understand their influence on this policy and report concerns.
  • Training aligns with staff development and responsibilities.
  • Travel is minimized by leveraging IT systems.
  • Suppliers who prioritize environmental practices are preferred.
  • Carbon offsetting matches at least the extent of business travel.
  • Pollution, particularly from obsolete electrical equipment, is prevented.
  • Environmental incidents are reported, investigated, and addressed to avoid recurrence.

The Managers pledge to continuously enhance performance by regularly assessing environmental impacts and annually updating this policy based on the findings.