The purpose of this document is to establish the policy for ensuring that management of the Asset Inventory list at Personal Audit Systems Ltd (PAS Ltd) by the appropriate people.


This policy applies to Assets (applications and services) that are managed at PAS Ltd.

Policy Details

Asset Inventory List Ownership

  • Management is responsible for the sole ownership and maintenance of the Asset Inventory List in FreshDesk, which serves as PAS Ltd's electronic document management system.
  • Management can designate personnel within the business who will be responsible to maintain this list.

Critical Aspects of Asset Inventory List

  • Asset Inventory List at a minimum includes the following:
    • Application/Device Name (eg: Adobe, Microsoft Office)
    • Vendor (eg: Microsoft, Dell)
    • Installation Location/Type (eg: Equinix, ioMart or Office)
    • Description (eg: Used for data analysis)
    • Support Contact details (eg: phone, email)
  • Frequency of Review/Update to Asset Inventory List
    • Management will review the Asset Inventory List at a minimum on a semi-annual basis. The Asset Inventory List can also be updated on a quarterly or on as needed basis (where applicable) to reflect the current inventory of software applications and services deployed at PAS Ltd.
    • The Asset Inventory List will be required to be updated whenever there are new applications or hardware, updates to an application or hardware, removal and/or retirement of an application or hardware equipment.
    • Any updates to the Asset Inventory List will be managed in FreshDesk.
  • Approval and Record Retention
    • The Asset Inventory List will be approved by the Managing Director. This will ensure a centralised location, with version control and audit trail and also searchable by Management or designated users.


Asset - Term used by PAS Ltd to describe software applications, hardware and services maintained by Management.