A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy allows employees to use their own devices to work. These devices include everything from laptops, tablets, phones, headsets and anything else your employees could use to assist them with their work.


By default, and to ensure security of the network, PAS Ltd do NOT allow employees to connect they own mobile devices (including laptops, tablets, phones etc) to the corporate network, thus avoiding possible security risks.

All employees are provided with company supplied laptops that have been hardened in accordance with internal policies, and these devices are the only ones that are allowed to join the company network.

If an employee has to undertake home working, they must use company supplied equipment, and need to connect to the office via a dedicated VPN solution.

Wireless Access

The 'internal' WiFi that is used within the office has a hidden SSID, and only company provided equipment can join this network - access is provided by IT when equipment is commissioned.

As we recognise that employees will have their own personal devices, and they want to join these to a WiFi network, PAS Ltd provide a guest access point which is segregated on a separate router with a dedicated internet connection.