You may have occasion to create a 'Blank P11D' so that you can send an Amendment to HMRC - this would probably be because you have submitted P11D information for an employee when the employee actually had no reportable benefits. To accomplish this, you first need to find the employee in question in the system:

Then, once you have removed any erroneous benefits, click on the Reports button:

Then, to print the amended P11D, select HMRC Amendments and P11D Facsimile 20xx/20xx Amended from the list and click Next

Ensure you have This employee selected and click Next

On the next screen choose Printer (Amendments need to be Printed and posted to HMRC):

Choose the printer and confirm you want to print a blank P11D:

You can now send this to HMRC - remember you may need to send an Updated P11D(b) as well, as the Class 1A position may have changed.