The P11D Organiser is a 'software only' package that is installed locally behind your own firewall(s), and on systems/servers that are provided by yourselves. None of the data you control and process (your employee's personal information) is ever transferred to PAS Ltd or stored on our infrastructure. The only information we store for your organisation is a business contact name, email address and an office address for you as the licensee.

PAS Ltd has issued a modified set of terms and conditions that accommodate GDPR clauses, and a GDPR addendum for existing contracts was communicated in early May. These clearly covered the roles and responsibilities on personal data in the event that we do, for some reason, actually gain access to any personal data for you. We have also issued an updated version of the software that allows our customers to purge personal data and share data with us (for support issues) in a pseudonymised format, which should ensure that no personal data is ever transferred to PAS Ltd in any event.