To guarantee data security and availability on the hosted platform, we run systems in two geographically separate data centres, both with different suppliers (Equinix and ioMart).

Data Replication

Each datacentre uses an encrypted HPE Nimble storage device to store customer data, and these two devices are connected via a site-to-site VPN to allow continual replication - that happens about once every 15 minutes, 24x7x365. This ensures that in a worst-case scenario, any possible data loss is very limited.

Data Backup

Both storage devices are also backed up each evening using Veeam technology, giving a 'belt and braces' approach to our data storage management, These backups could be used in some instances to recover individual system data for a customer should they encounter a severe issue (please note that there may be a cost associated with restoring individual customer data).

These backups are stored on separate, dedicated storage devices, and the backups are currently held for 90 days before deletion.