Manual data entry

Benefit and expenses records are assigned to an employee record within the system. The software will require a certain amount of information in order to calculate a benefit in kind value. The information required to be entered is particular to each section of the P11D.

How to manually enter a Section I benefit:

Select the employee record to that you wish to assign the benefit to then press the "Employee Benefits" button in the bottom right-hand side of the window. 

Click the ADD button. 

Select from the list of existing benefit descriptions for this P11D section and click OK - or click the ADD button to enter a new benefit description of your own (more information on adding a new benefit profile can be found here).

The following data points are used to calculate the benefit in kind for this benefit type:

  • Annual premium paid for treatment or insurance
  • Amount made good or from which tax deducted
  • Availability of the benefit in the Tax year

Having entered the necessary details of the benefit, click on SAVE to save the record.
If the benefit in kind is being calculated by using 2 medical entries with annual premiums that are both active during the tax year, then you will need to add the second record to cover the respective period of the benefit's availability to the employee. Just add the second record as before but with the appropriate available FROM and TO dates.
Alternatively, if there is no calculation required for the benefits availability in the Tax year then a single record can simply be added as the prorate settings will have no effect.
The 2 records will then accurately calculate the BIK value for the full Tax year: