Manual data entry

Benefit and expenses records are assigned to an employee record within the system. The software will require a certain amount of information in order to calculate a benefit in kind value. The information required to be entered is particular to each section of the P11D.

How to manually enter a Section D benefit:

Select the employee record to that you wish to assign the benefit to

Select benefit section “Section D” from the drop-down benefit selector – or click on the “Section D” icon at the top of the screen.

Click the ADD button.

The following data points are used to calculate the benefit in kind for this benefit type:

Date accommodation was acquired by the employer 

Cost of the accommodation when first acquired

Cost of any improvements

Gross annual value of accommodation

Payments made by the employee towards the cost or grant of tenancy  

Dates of availability

Rent paid by the employer 

Rent paid by the employee

Having entered the necessary details of the benefit, click on SAVE to save the record.

The saved benefit record will be displayed

Modify Asset
Having clicked to EDIT the benefit, clicking the Modify Asset button will allow you to access and edit the properties of the "Asset"Show Calculations
Having clicked to EDIT the benefit, clicking the Show calculations button will allow you to view the systems method of calculation used in deriving a BIK value.