We're pleased to announce that we are about to release the 2022 version of the P11D Organiser - this will mean that customers will be able to make their P11D submission once the Government Gateway has opened on the 6th of April 2022. However, don't forget that you can prepare everything in advance - you do not need the new version to get everything ready for the submission.

There is nothing you need to do to get the new version, as soon as it is available for your system, you will get a notification letting you know its ready, and suggesting you to update. Just like most modern software, you should be able to accept the update and everything will be completed 'in situ'.

We have put a lot of effort into the new release of software, taking onboard as much of the feedback from our customers as possible, as well as implementing all of the HMRC legislative changes. There is a full set of notes available here: What's New in the P11D Organiser 2022.2.1 Release..., but we have listed some of the highlights here.

Updating Benefits

One of the the most requested changes was the ability to 'update' benefits that have been imported. Whilst it has always been possible to update employee information, updating benefit details was always harder, meaning previous data needed to be deleted or carefully replaced. The new routines will now let you update information at the click of a button.

So if your medical provider sends a spreadsheet with only the changes - no problem - just import them and the P11D Organiser will update the entries for you.


Whilst looking at the importing, we have also made the P11D Organiser much more compliant with multi-tab Excel spreadsheets - no more saving everything to a CSV file first, just point the software at the XLSX file and we'll do the rest.


Although the P11D Organiser has always worked with Outlook, things have moved quickly over recent years, and with more customers using Office 365 and Google Workspace we needed to offer more complete integration - so this year we are including OAuth functionality - this means that you no longer need complex SMTP server addresses and port numbers - all you need to know is your email address and password. There are support articles available for both Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Enhanced Security

This is one we hope you never see - but we have improved the system security to lock things down just a little more - if the P11D Organiser thinks that any crucial files have been attacked or changed, it will lock all users out of the system until the security breach is investigated.

Log In with your email address

We also received feedback that people were sometimes forgetting their user names for the system, so we have made it possible for you to login with your username OR your email address. In fact, going forward the software will remember your email address and populate the user name field for you.

2FA and Single Sign On

For our SaaS/hosted users we will also be rolling out Multi Factor Authentication and Single Sign On this year. The former ensures that users have an 'authenticator' app to provide the extra level of security (something you have!). The Single Sign On option means that if you have already got you security sorted through your Office 365 or Google Workspace platform, then you can link the P11D Organiser to that account to smooth the login experience. There is a support article available to guide you through the process: Setting Up Single Sign On for MyP11D.com.

Added security for SaaS/Hosted users

Our SaaS customers will now be asked to enter their password twice, once to sign into MyP11D.com, and again to get into the P11D Organiser application. We have taken this step as it appears some people were saving their passwords on the browser and that allowed direct access to possibly sensitive information. We do have the ability to remove the second authentication stage (although not recommended) on a 'per user' basis - please contact support to make this change.