If you find out that you do not have a sufficient licences to complete your return, you will need to increase your licence for the software. However, before you get in touch, we recommend that perform a system count to ensure you have the correct number, this can be achieved by following this help desk article

If you establish that you do need a licence increase, the process differs depending on where you purchased the software:

  • If you purchased from us (PAS Ltd) directly, then either give us a call on 0161 820 7113, raise a ticket via support.p11dorganiser.co.uk, or drop us a mail to support@p11dorganiser.co.uk stating the increase you need.
  • If you purchased from a partner (Iris, MHR, SDWorx, Safe Computing or Pegasus) you will need to contact the partner directly. You can establish your partner based on the first part of the serial number on your software - this can be found on the login screen (as in the screenshot below):  
    • NX = Iris
    • MIDL = MHR (Midland)
    • CRD = SDWorx
    • SAFE = Safe Computing
    • PEG = Pegasus