If you have used the Forgotten Password link from the login page of the P11D Organiser you will have been sent a 'reset' password. This password will work on ALL accounts in the system on the day it was issued.

If you find that the password you have been sent does not work - it is worth reviewing the following:

  • Was the password sent today? - The reset password ONLY works on the day it was issued.
  • Are you sure you have your Username correct? The reset will ONLY work on accounts that exist in the software. The software can sometimes populate the username field with one derived from your Windows login.
  • Have you tried the reset password that was sent on another account/user? If there is any doubt, try using it for the ADMIN account for the installation.

If you find the ADMIN account works as expected, and when you gain access to the list of users it is blank, then it looks like you have a clean install - please contact the support desk for some assistance.