On some older installations where the P11D Organiser has been in place for a while, this error may occur after an update to the 2018 version of the software. You may have seen an error message such as this:


We would suggest the initial remedy is to run a Workstation Repair to rebuild the P11D Organiser dependencies - just follow these steps:

Find the location of the P11D Organiser installation by right-clicking on the icon you normally use to start the software and select 'Properties':

Then from the next window, select the 'Open File Location' button at the bottom:

Locate the 'Install' directory and open that

Double click on the Workstation.EXE file to start the installer - *** you will need to have Admin rights to complete this part ***

When the installer starts, click 'Next', Accept the Licence Agreement, and on the next screen, select the 'Repair an existing installation' in the lower left corner and click 'Next'

The installer will check a number of elements of the installation and rebuild as necessary. The installation is complete when you see a screen similar to the screenshot below. Click “OK” to proceed when the last line shown in the graphic below is visible

...and then when the workstation installer has completed, click 'Finish'.


You can ensure you have the latest Workstation installer by clicking the button below (Workstation Installer Only)

More Help

If this does not work, please look at this article regarding registration of an OCX file.