To smooth the ordering process, we have introduced the DocuSign electronic signature system - this allows us to send and sign certificated electronic versions of the order form. We would urge you to use the electronic means of signing the document - it is fast, efficient and reduces complexity.

However, we understand that some organisations would prefer to print, manually sign, and then scan the order form - and this guide walks you through the best way to accomplish this, whilst maintaining the certificated response.

You will receive an email saying that a document has arrived for you to review:

Clicking on the 'Review Document' button will open the form for you to view. If you have decided you want to print out the form and sign it manually, go to the 'More Options' menu in the top right, and select 'Sign on Paper'

You will then be asked how you will return the form - please choose 'Upload' as we do not accept FAXed order forms.

You can then use the 'Download' link to get a version of the form to print locally.

Once you have printed, signed and scanned the file, use the 'Return Document' option to upload your completed scan.


Ensure you press the 'Finish' button when complete and that's it!.

We will be notified that the form is completed, and both parties will be able to keep a certificated copy of the returned document.