Each user on the system has their own unique username and password. You can change your own password by selecting ‘Change Password’ option from the ‘File’ menu once you are logged in. If you have forgotten your login information please see below

“Forgotten Password” Feature on the Login screen (Internet Connection required)

If you have forgotten your password for the P11D Organiser, you can reset your user account with our online facility.

Click on Forgotten Password link at the bottom of the login page and this will open a new browser session.

You will then see the following screen for you to reset your password. 

You need to enter the user’s e-mail address and click on the Reset Password button.

Changing your password: 

Having entered your “Initial password” (provided by email) the system will display a “Change Password” screen. Re-enter your “Initial password” in the “Current password” field and then enter a password of your choice in the “New password” field and confirm it in the “Confirm password” field. Please note that the passwords are cAsE sensitive! This can contain upper and lower case characters and must be between 6 and 10 characters.