P11D Organiser - Software Update Guide

Downloading the latest version of P11D Organiser

The latest version of the installer for the P11D Organiser software downloaded here:

Before you start…..

You will require full administration rights for the location where the upgrade is to be made.

In order to perform an upgrade to the P11D Organiser, you first need some information (please refer to your IT department, if required) as to the location of where the software exists - Is it locally installed on a PC or do you have a network install where the system runs from a mapped drive?

e.g. c:\Program Files\P11D or H:\P11D

Updating the P11D Organiser

To upgrade your P11D Organiser installation on your Server or PC, please follow the steps below.

1. Start - Double Click the installer file that you have downloaded

2. Welcome Screen - Select “Next” to continue

3. Licence Agreement - Click “Accept licence agreement” to agree to the terms and conditions (once read). Then select “Next” to continue.

4. P11D Organiser Installation Options - Choose the option “Upgrade my existing installation”. Then select “Next” to continue.

5. Select Destination directory – The system will try to ascertain where the system is located and present the location in the window. You will need to select the “Browse” button and navigate to and select the folder in which the P11D Organiser is installed, if the location is different to that shown. 

NOTE: Many users decide to install the software on a server shared drive and not necessarily in the "local" C drive default installation directory.  

Please note that the installer supports the use of UNC path names to assist where the users “mapped” drives are not visible to the person performing the workstation installer (e.g. system administrator) e.g. \\server\finance\payroll\apps\P11DORGANISER 

Having entered the correct installation directory or UNC path, Click “OK” to close the “Select Destination Directory” dialogue box and proceed to the next step.

6. Install - Click “Yes” to the resulting “Install” pop-up dialogue box to confirm the correct target has been selected.

7. Client Install – Select “No” to “Do you want to configure this machine to use the software?” then click “Next”. (There is no need to set up the client unless you wish to use the machine you are running the installer from AND it does not already have the client setup already installed. Please refer to Workstation setup for further information on this)

Advanced settings - (only used in conjunction with the "setup this machine" option) 

8. Start Installation - Click the “Next” button to begin the upgrade process.

9. Installation Completed – The P11D Organiser upgrade is complete. Click “Finish

NOTE: If you are using the P11D Organiser from a shared drive (a network installation), you only need to update the server version of the software - all the remote clients will automatically be upgraded.

Help on setting up users

Will launch the on-line help file to assist with the process of setting up system users by logging into the system with the Admin account.

 Allowing the system to "Patch" the current version to the latest build.

Select Help/About P11D Organiser/Software Live Update (or press F2)

... then click the Settings Cog highlighted

....then check the "Enable Hotfix" (highlighted below)

... finally click OK to apply and then OK again, you will then be invited to download and apply the latest build (patch) of the P11D Organiser.

To discover what the latest build provides refer the What's New guide